#thecolourline really impressed.

Anonymous asked: Okay thanks, I guess I'll have to wait longer then, as me and my friends are all under 16

Anonymous asked: If its not to creepy to ask but how old are all the members of the band?

Sam R is 20,  Josh is 22, Sam A, Usama and James are all 23!

Anonymous asked: Hey guys, when are you next in Hull and what are the ages for the clubs? X

At Sunkfest in a few weeks (Just outside Hull) then we’re at O’Rileys on 26th September, 16+!

Anonymous asked: First time seeing you guys tonight and you were amazing!! To make it better it was my first concert! You defiantly know how to put on a show! X

Cheers for checking us out! HSS was awesome, congrats for choosing a sick festival for your first! x

Anonymous asked: If we see you we totally will!! Will you guys have a Merch stand up? I really want a t-shirt x

We’ve sold out of everything mate! Restock coming soon

tryingtobeposi asked: I hear youre all dickheads


Anonymous asked: Welcome! See y'all tomorrow!!<3

Anonymous asked: Hey guys, will you be at the Humber Street Sesh during the day or is it just at the night??

We’ll be hanging out all day across the site! Come say hi if you see any of us! x

Anonymous asked: There's about 5 of us coming, they've all seen you live and I haven't yet, I can't wait you guy look rad

Thank you! See you tomorrow!x

Headline weekender with Sexwolf later in the month!

Headline weekender with Sexwolf later in the month!

September tour with Our People Versus Yours!

September tour with Our People Versus Yours!

Anonymous asked: I can't wait to see you guys on Saturday it'll be amazing!!

Bring all your mates! Gonna be a party on a massive scale! x

Check out some new riffs!